Friday, December 5, 2014

Southeastern Louisiana Farrier Shout-out!

After reading about the horrors of the Monica Thors scandal, it made me realize how lucky I am to have found a farrier that knows what he is doing in the area.  I know he covers large areas between Lafayette, Baton Rouge, Hammond-ish, and probably more, if you ask him!


My testimonial:

After several bad farrier jobs on my older TB gelding by several different farriers, the final straw came when the last farrier literally crippled my TB to the point that he couldn't walk.  It was so bad, I thought FM had foundered.  He was VERY VERY VERY sore and had to be on stall rest for almost two weeks with wraps on >:(

JW was recommended to me by my old vet, Dr. Lindsey Schuell (now in Houston).  I have been using him for approximately a year now and FM has NEVER been sore after a trim (even on gravel). He has literally changed the way my gelding moves (much freer and with less stiffness).   I refuse to let another farrier touch FM now because he is so much better after JW.  He is a completely different horse.

Scottie actually has decent feet, but for the months that I was constantly battling abscesses, JW came out more than one time on a text message asking for help.  He comes out "just to make sure" there is no problem.  She is now totally sound and barefoot (even on rock)

After I moved barns, I was terrified that JW would not come to my new barn but he does :)  He goes above and beyond for his clients, and will come out for an emergency ASAP!

If you would like his contact information, please email me at and I will provide it to you!


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