Saturday, June 21, 2014

Not that I think anyone is reading... BUT

Sooooo..there hasn't been any recent updates is that Scottie was off for about a week, blew an abscess last Sunday and we are still dealing with that THIS Sunday.  I assume she was off due to the abscess, but obviously have to get this healed up before can do additional investigations.

I'm also happy it is ONLY an abscess (as I am sure we have all experienced) because she had not blown out last Sunday, and I was starting to think soft tissue injury, which makes me panic.  I LOVE my horses. LOFF THEM!  But, I can really (barely) afford two.  And one of them is 23 year old FM, who I have promised his retirement.  So, if someone has to go, it is Scottie :(  So an abscess is good news because it will likely heal well.  Soft tissue is so up in the air.

My next post is planning to be "my abscess treatment" which was very much influenced by Dr. Lindsey Schuell who is now in HOUSTON!!!  So if you need a good equine vet, look her up!!

Before that, we were working with Sue Bruns on dressage lessons, which were going.... well?

Scottie has the BEST personality, so she is so willing and TRIES to do everything you ask.  Between me "not being  dressage rider" and her being basically "track broke", I am very impressed with what Sue has been able to accomplish with us.  Sue hasn't given me a webpage yet, but will post when I can.

Scottie is literally the "most chill" horse I have ever dealt with. She takes everything in stride, behaves for almost everyone (unlike FM, where the smallest deviation from normal can cause internal chaos haha), and seems to get along with other horses really well. 

I have to admit that I am a little nervous as her owner because I got her from such good people for so cheap and she is SO GOOD.  I'm always waiting for the other shoe to drop.  I'm probably over babying her for the abscess, but I have such hope for her and she is such a good girl that I want to make sure she's comfortable.  She is obviously so easy going that she will work with pain and not do anything (behavior wise) to let you know.