Friday, December 5, 2014

Sue Bruns - Baton Rouge (LOUISIANA) Area Dressage Trainer

Another quick testimonial (hopefully someone will be googling "Baton Rouge dressage trainers" or "Louisiana dressage trainers" or something along those lines) for my trainer, Sue Bruns.

SUE BRUNS: 603.969.9912

* Certified instructor of English riding lessons
* Dressage concentration, having trained and worked with top international U.S. team riders for 30 years (including Carol Lavell, Michael Poulin, Pamela Goodrich, Verne Batchelder)
* Has trained multiple horses to Third/Fourth level and loves teaching all levels of riders
* Dressage training is valuable to any method or level of riding.  It is about developing balance and relaxation in both horse and rider than translates to better performances in any discipline.
* Dressage training can be performed in Western tack
* I will travel to your farm to teach on your horse, OR I can teach you on my trained dressage horse in Port Allen

Group or Child: $25
Individual Adult: $30
Lesson on my trained horse: $40

SUE BRUNS (603)-969-9912


Now my testimonial!

Sue has been working with Scottie and I since I bought Scottie in January 2014.   She is extremely knowledgeable, and has great ways of explaining concepts in lessons.  Scottie and I progress much, much faster when we have weekly lessons with Sue.

Sue is an excellent horsewoman and believes less is more.  I am just riding Scottie in a simple French link, no gadgets or other training gimmicks.  She understands and easily explains TRUE dressage foundation work.  She is patient, and kind, and enjoys working with all levels of horses.  I like her because she likes OTTBs and understands some of the complexities that come along with working with these off-track greenies.  She has helped me work through some the behavioral issues with Scottie, as well as some more advanced work (lateral, bending, suppleness, transitions, canter cues, etc).

I only have the experience of working with her on my green OTTB, but I have seen her ride her gorgeous warmblood (pictured above), and can tell you that Sue absolutely knows high level/Grand Prix dressage moves as well :) (Can you tell I am actually not a dressage rider due to my lingo?? haha).

I enjoy riding with her because I want Scottie to be really solid on the flat before we start jumping.  I am a firm believer that a solid foundation increases the horses value, as well as their longevity as a competition horse.  I am not a dressage rider, nor do I particularly "like" dressage, but I do understand its importance in training, especially OTTBs.

You do not have to be a dressage rider to benefit from Sue's lessons.  She is an all-around horsewoman and can help with general riding, communicating with your horse (english or western), and any flatwork training, ENGLISH or WESTERN.

Things that have improved with Sue's help:

- consistent use of correct aids
- confidence
- general riding technique

- focus
- attention span
- bending/suppleness/softness (although we still have a long way to go)
- transitions

She is taking students, so give her a call!!!

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