Friday, August 29, 2014

Yearling Thoroughbred for Sale ("Tee Mike") in Louisiana - SOLD


"Tee Mike"  Louisiana Jockey Club COLT (still intact).  Born April 2013.  UNBRIDLED lines.

FLASHY, and LARGE. ROSE GREY/ GREY ROAN.  Parents are 16.3 and 16.2, so he should mature to be at least 16 hands. 


We have been trying to find him a home for MONTHS.

Mikey has been handled EXTENSIVELY since birth.  He is sound, chill, and awesome.  He is extremely friendly.

He has no inbreeding in 5 generations.

He has a conformational flaw with an offset front knee.  This DOES NOT AFFECT HIS SOUNDNESS.  He will have have no problem being pleasure/low-level mount.  More pics available upon request.

Owner is asking MINOR fee, which covers his registration.  Gelding, vet checks, and transportation are 100% cost of buyers, but we can help arrange transport and vets.

Here are several videos that you can see on You Tube.  Additional pictures of knee are available upon request.

REFERENCES WILL BE CHECKED.  REQUIRED TWO REFERENCES (ONE BEING EQUINE VET).  References are non-negotiable.  If you can't provide reference, you can't buy the colt.  GOOD HOME A MUST.

Owner realizes there may be challenges (farrier work, etc) with knee.  Preference given to show/pet home.  Back-up plan is necessary.

*Range of pics in this post is probably 4 - 5 months (i.e., they span that long  Yearling in some of the smaller pics).  Obviously, larger pics = more recent colt.

Please email me at if interested!  Thanks!!

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