Sunday, May 10, 2015

Equi-trek, a competitive trail riding organization in southeastern Louisiana aka Scottie wins her first blue :)

I have found something that is cheap, easy, and super fun to do in the Baton Rouge area.  It is a group called Equi-trek ( , and it is a competitive trail ride organization for southeast Louisiana.

The people are extremely supportive and friendly.  If you own a TB or are an English rider (like myself haha) and you think that a group like this might be a little judgey, do not worry.  You can ride english and no one care one bit.

 I do not have a trailer at the moment, and I have met a new friend, simply by asking a member of the group if she would give me a ride (shout-out to Tami!).  And she said yes!  And now I have a new friend, and I have a new equine activity.

The premise is simple: six to ten miles of trails with approximately six judged trail obstacles, which range from inclines/ravines to crossing bridges to backing through an L to jumping a log to dragging a barrel behind your horse.  They are all super fun!  

If the obstacle is too scary or makes you uncomfortable, you just simply don't do it.  There is no pressure from other riders.  If you don't want to compete for ribbons, you can just ride as a "companion", which means you can try or not try any of the obstacles and still enjoy the trail ride.

It was a goal of mine to haul Scottie a few times this spring because I wanted to see how she would handle herself off the farm.  She is an ex-racehorse, so I wasn't expecting any major problems, and lo and behold there were none.  It also increased her confidence enormously at home, and she has been better behaved.

She really seems to get out and look at new things.  She didn't balk at water crossings, foot bridges, other horses running, birds in the trees, weird cones, dogs barking, trucks passing, mud, etc.  She also did the majority of the obstacles or gave it a good try (most of the time it was human error, not horse error haha).  Its a great bonding experience with your horse because you try things that you don't think they can do... when they do it....well, its an amazing feeling!!

I have taken Scottie on two Equi-treks and she has won her divisions both times.  :)

Equi-trek is done for the summer, but should start up again in the fall.  Keep tuned to the website for more information.

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